Take Control with JobNav

The JobNav control system is designed to make the management and production of your customers job's simple and easy.  JobNav takes control of a job's order entry and takes the job all the way to fulfillment, it does it simply and easily while keeping you in the pilot seat.

The following window furnishing "Made to Order" product classes are already handled daily by JobNav systems

  • Roman Blinds
  • Roller Blinds
  • Holland Blinds
  • Sunscreen Blinds
  • Vertical Blinds
  • Panel Blinds
  • Timber Venetion Blinds
  • Shutter Blinds

Other  product classes can also be easily handled by JobNav, like

  • External Roller Shutters
  • Garage Doors
  • Picture Framing
  • ... and many more

Producing "Made To Order" products can have a significant administrative overhead that can have you lost in the paperwork when things get busy. 

JobNav is the solution to taking back control by making it simple and easy


With JobNav you regain control because

  • you get to see the big picture
  • you have your finger on the pulse 
  • you know exactly where a job is
  • you can provide better customer service
  • you can do it more efficiently
  • you save money

JobNav is the tool for navigating your customer's job along a 'flght path' from order entry through any number of intermediate way points to achieve the final delivery or installation of your product.  Every part of the job's activity is tracked effortlessly via JobNav Tracking Stations using technology like bar-codes, right up to how many boxes or bundles are required for transport and that they have all been loaded by the courier. You know your position at every step of the way,  the details are accurate and you can provide informative answers to customer queries without delay. And best of all, JobNav is adaptable to your ways, your forms, something that your employees and customers are used to.

At JobNav we are passionate about making your business our business.

Please read more about JobNav and what it could do for you from this website and feel free to contact us if you have any queries or questions.


Please direct any support issues via email to support@jobnav.org or calling 03 9380 7791
Note that we operate from Melbourne in Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT+10), 
Monday to Friday during business hours from 9:00am to 5:00pm